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Campbell Car Accident Burn Injury Lawyer

Burns are scary, debilitating, and painful. Traffic accidents can lead to car or motorcycle engines catching fire, gas tanks igniting, or red-hot metal parts connecting with the exposed skin of accident victims. If you suffered a severe burn in an accident, you could be facing chronic pain, functional limitations, disfigurement, scarring, and expensive, ongoing medical treatment. You have the right to recover damages for the medical costs, pain and suffering, and emotional distress that you have and will experience. The Campbell car accident burn injury lawyers at Solution Now Law Firm are ready to help you build your case and fight for the monetary compensation you deserve.

Degrees and Severity of Burns After a Car Crash

Medical professionals classify burns by “degree.” Higher-degree burns are more severe, often causing more pain, more permanent scarring, more functional limitations, and requiring more extensive treatment. The most serious burns can require surgery such as skin grafts for recovery and might even lead to nerve damage so severe that a body part no longer functions.

The degrees of burns are generally as follows:

  • First-Degree. First-degree burns involve damage only to the outer layer of the skin. They are characterized by redness, pain, and sometimes swelling. They will typically heal fully with limited treatment.
  • Second-Degree. Second-degree burns involve damage to the outer layer of skin as well as the dermis, the next layer of tissue below the skin or epidermis. These burns can be either superficial or deep. They present as shiny and red, and they may involve blistering and thickening of the skin. The worse the blistering, the longer they will take to heal.
    • Superficial. Superficial burns cause only partial damage to the dermal layer and will typically not leave a permanent scar.
    • Deep Partial Thickness. Deep partial-thickness burns are more severe. Deep burns may appear white and may not show red spots when pressed. They can leave a permanent scar or otherwise permanently change the color of the skin.
  • Third-Degree. Third-degree burns go past the outer layer of the skin and affect deeper tissues. They can result in white or blackened, charred skin, and areas may go numb. Third-degree burns are a medical emergency and should be treated immediately. They involve destruction of the deeper layers of skin and the tissue underneath. These burns will not heal on their own, possibly requiring surgeries such as skin grafts. Scarring is common, and it may be necessary to amputate the limb.
  • Fourth-Degree. Fourth-degree burns include all of the signs and symptoms of a third-degree burn, but the damage extends past all layers of the skin and into the muscle, tendons, and bones. Fourth-degree burns are the most severe, often requiring amputation or other serious surgery. These types of burns can be deceptive, as the severe nerve damage may cause the victim to not actually experience the pain. Treatments, however, such as removal of the dead or damaged skin, can be excruciating. Some medical professionals refer to additional degrees of burns based on the extent of the injury.

Even a minor burn can be incredibly painful. The more severe burns are extremely painful, dangerous, and may or may not heal even with extensive, difficult, and expensive treatments. The burn injury attorneys at Solution Now Law Firm help car accident burn victims recover not only their medical expenses but also the compensation they deserve from the pain and suffering they experience, as well as the other long-term consequences of a severe burn.

Call an Experienced Campbell Car Accident Burn Victim Attorney

Burns are some of the most painful injuries that a car accident victim can experience. At Solution Now Law Firm, our auto accident burn injury attorneys understand the pain you are going through, and the medical treatments to come. We will fight for your right to compensation for the pain and harm that a negligent driver has caused The burn injury legal team at Solution Now Law Firm is ready to help you with your burn injury claims after an accident in Campbell, Saratoga, Cupertino, Los Gatos, or across the Bay Area. Call us today at 408-256-2871 or reach out via email today to set up a free case evaluation.

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