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Campbell Passenger Accident Lawyer

Drivers are not the only parties injured in car crashes. Passengers in car accidents are just as likely to be seriously hurt or killed in a crash, and they have just as much right to recover against at-fault drivers. If you were injured in a car accident while riding as a passenger, the seasoned Campbell passenger accident lawyers at Solution Now Law Firm could help you navigate your legal options and work towards getting you the full compensation that you are owed.

Proving Liability After a Passenger Accident

If you were injured in a car crash while you were a passenger, you have the right to recover for your injuries, just as you would if you had been injured by a negligent driver. Your approach to recovery depends in part on who caused the crash. First and foremost, you must establish that someone caused the accident through negligence. The at-fault party may be your own driver, the driver of another vehicle, or even some third-party such as the auto parts manufacturer or the municipality that failed to maintain the streets in a safe condition.

If the driver of the other vehicle caused the crash, you would proceed as if you were driving the car in which you were injured. Get the contact and insurance information from the at-fault driver, collect any evidence such as witness statements and photographs of the scene, report the accident to the police, and call a lawyer. Your passenger injury lawyer will help you hold the at-fault driver or their insurance company liable for your damages.

If the driver of your vehicle caused the accident, you still have the right to recover. Passengers in privately-owned passenger cars, taxis, limousines, boats, or buses can all recover after an accident caused by their driver. Your driver’s insurance should include bodily injury coverage, which is meant to cover other drivers as well as their own passengers. Likewise, if another party was responsible for the accident, you can bring a standard personal injury claim, so long as you can prove their liability. If you are concerned about whether you have a claim for damages, speak with a knowledgeable passenger injury lawyer at Solution Now Law Firm.

Go Through the Proper Channels, Even if You Know the Driver

Passenger injuries can be difficult to deal with, as passengers often know the driver of their car personally. If you were hurt as a passenger in someone else’s car, it is important to speak with a lawyer and go through the proper channels to seek recovery for your injuries. Even if the at-fault driver was a friend or family member, you should not accept an out-of-pocket payment with no paperwork. You could be left only partially compensated, facing rising medical costs down the line, and the insurance company could use your acceptance of a lowball payment as proof that your claims are not worth as much as they actually are. Also, your friend or family member will likely not pay out-of-pocket even if you do report the accident; that is the whole reason for insurance. Their premiums may rise, but you and they will both be better off in the long run. Speak with a knowledgeable passenger injury lawyer if you have any questions about your liability and your rights.

Are Passengers Ever Liable?

California law does not mandate that one driver or another is responsible for a passenger injury. If a passenger caused the crash, just as with any other personal injury matter, then the passenger might be liable. A passenger could be responsible for a collision if they, for example, grabbed the wheel of the vehicle and caused the car to swerve, or if they engaged in unreasonably distracting behavior that led to the crash. California courts have upheld liability against passengers who “willfully interfered” with a driver, knowing that their actions were likely to cause injury.

If a passenger did not physically interfere with the driver’s actions, passenger liability would be very difficult to prove. Drivers still maintain primary responsibility for the safety of everyone in their vehicles. The damages available to the passenger might, however, be offset by their own comparative negligence if they contributed to an accident occurring.

Call for Help With a Passenger Injury Claim in Campbell

If you or someone you love was hurt as a passenger in a car crash, the seasoned and dedicated car crash passenger lawyers at Solution Now Law Firm are eager to hear about your case. We fight for auto passengers injured in traffic accidents in Campbell, Saratoga, Cupertino, Los Gatos, and across the Bay Area. Call our Campbell car accident law office at 408-256-2871 for a free case evaluation.

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