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San Jose Lyft Accident Lawyer 

Even if you do not book a trip on a regular basis, you are generally aware of the popularity of Lyft and other ridesharing services. Mobile app developer BuildFire shared some eye-opening statistics that provide insight, revealing that there are around 500 million people ridesharing users globally; on average, a resident of San Jose spends $49 per month on trips. While there are many benefits to Lyft, increased safety and reduction in auto crashes are not among them. In fact, some factors can actually heighten the risk of rideshare collisions and make the claims process more complicated.

At the Solution Now Law Firm, our team is prepared to shoulder the legal burdens victims face when attempting to obtain compensation after a Lyft crash. We can take on the complex insurance issues, so you can focus on the recovery process. Please contact our office to schedule a no-cost case assessment with a San Jose Lyft accident lawyer, and take time to review some of the important concepts.

Lyft Ridesharing Risk Factors

Most vehicle crashes occur because of driver negligence, but there are four factors that can increase the potential for Lyft accidents:

  1. Ridesharing drivers are using the app during trips, leading to distractions while operating the vehicle;
  2. Lyft drivers engage in “deadheading,” i.e., driving around parts of town that are more likely to result in a booking. They are also using the app during this time, so their full attention may not be on driving.
  3. There are no limits on the number of hours a Lyft driver can work, possibly leading to drowsiness.
  4. Some Lyft operators will come to San Jose from other areas to increase the likelihood of booking, so they may not be familiar with the city’s streets.

Filing an Insurance Claim After a Lyft Accident

Aside from Lyft drivers compromising your safety as a riding customer, occupant of another car, or other road user, there are complications if you are hurt in a collision. There may be multiple parties to pursue through an insurance claim, since Lyft carries $1 million in insurance coverage in addition to the individual motorist’s policy. Plus, the lines are blurred when it comes to other liability questions, such as:

  • Whether the Lyft driver was logged into the app while deadheading or engaged in a ride;
  • You were a driver, occupant of another car, or other road user; and/or,
  • A different motorist was at fault.

At the Solution Now Law Firm, we are prepared to address these challenges in the insurance claims process and in the event of litigation. We strive to obtain top compensation for your losses, such as medical costs, pain and suffering, and many more.

Consult with a San Jose Lyft Accidents Attorney About Your Options

If you were hurt in a crash while on a trip with Lyft or other ridesharing company, please contact the Solution Now Law Firm today at 408-256-2871 or visit us online. We can schedule a free consultation with a San Jose Lyft accident lawyer who can advise you on your legal remedies.

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